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The company ServisControl s.r.o. is a Czech company that offers comprehensive services in the field of industrial automation. We have been operating on the European market since 2007, and all the experience we have gained over 15 years in the field of repairs, retrofits, integration of robots, vision systems, single-purpose machines and conveyor systems, we have translated into the development, production and implementation of custom-built and autonomous AGV/ AMR. Nowaday there are our vehicles successfully implemented by our customers as part of automation and the Industry 4.0 standard.

Our Services

  • Development, manufacturing and Integration of AGV/ AMR
  • AGV/ AMR Service
  • Spare parts repair and sale
  • Pro-face and Opto22 distribution
  • Retrofits and installed base services
  • Robots and vision systems integration
  • Data collection, monitoring, Andon systems
  • Preventive service and repairs


ServisControl s.r.o.

Ovčáry 299

280 02 Ovčáry

HOT-LINE +420 607 116 950

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