We offer comprehensive services in the field of repair of parts for industrial automation. We repair products of renowned manufacturers as well as so-called "no-name" parts. We deal with each repair individually, as the detection of the defect and its cause are essential for determining the price, date and for carrying out the correct repair. We carry out this in a sophisticatedly equipped repair center at the company's headquarters, where we deal with standard, urgent and preventive repairs. If the repair is unprofitable or the part is unrepairable, we offer a repair service in exchange for a new or refurbished part. The customer will then receive another, functional piece.

Standard repairs

  • Free parts collection
  • Free defect analysis
  • Repairs of most parts for industrial automation
  • Implementation time 1-4 weeks

Urgent repairs

  • Repairs within hours
  • Minimization of production downtime
  • Repairs of most parts for industrial automation

Preventive repairs

  • Prevention of unexpected failures
  • Agreed implementation date
  • Refurbishment of parts including installation and 12-month warranty

Spare parts repairs

Repairs of components for industrial automation with fault diagnosis and collection of parts free of charge. Parts are repaired at the headquarters of ServisControl.

Distribution sales

Sale of the product portfolio of Pro-face and Opto 22, including complete commercial, technical and service support.

Service activity

The possibility of ordering a service technician to come out to solve faults on machines and lines. Possibilities of implementing a preventive service or concluding a service contract.

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