The main objective of ServisControl s.r.o. is to satisfy the needs of our customers and increase the quality of the offered services. This objective is fulfilled in accordance with the quality systems management according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in our company. ServisControl s.r.o. is constantly looking for ways and tools to speed-up, refine and improve its activities and services, for which each of our company’s employees is responsible. Company management is personally responsible for the appropriate setting of the quality assurance system and for creating conditions for its continuous improvement.

The company is as good as the quality and skilfulness of its employees. Therefore, the ServisControl s.r.o. management ensures a constant increase in the professional level of all its employees. The ServisControl s.r.o. management invests in modern and advanced technologies with the aim of improving activities and services to customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is regularly verified. The process of verification and work with customers is a tool for the company to adapt activities and services to meet customer needs.

We also include our suppliers, external and consulting companies in the overall system.

In all our activities, we deal with pollution prevention, minimising the impact on the environment, and by fully involving employees in the system, we ensure the reduction of waste and resource consumption where possible.

We adhere to our commitment to comply with legal and other requirements.

In accordance with the level of technical knowledge, increasing the qualifications of workers and the commitment to pollution prevention, we minimise the number of hazardous substances and preparations and replace them with substances that have a lower environmental impact.

By constantly improving the quality of services, the ServisControl s.r.o. management wants to be among the best in its field, with the aim of maintaining and strengthening its professional position on the market.


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