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ServisControl s.r.o.
Ovčáry 299
280 02 Ovčáry

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You increase quality and reliability of your machines and production lines by upgrading of control system. Furthermore you decrease costs for maintenance, eliminate wasting time for searching service and spare parts which are obsolete and not available anymore, and you add new functions, options and communication and connection ability. Such modernization of your system increases the effeciency and productivity of your production and it saves your time and money. Your operation becomes more competitive and cheaper. You remove the problem with obsolete spare parts by upgrading which are rare and expensive. You achieve up to date equipment by retrofit for easy time and price terms.

Basic Retrofit
Exchange of electric equipment in old switchboard – we usually exchange PLC and I/O or frequency drive, servodrive and operator panel. This type of retrofit we use to save time and money if it is not necessary to change the rest of components because of defects, obsolescence and absence at the market.

Complete Retrofit
This retrofit comprises delivery and exchange of whole switchboard, wiring, sensors, dynamic units or mechanical components. Generally we exchange all electric equipment.

Emergency Retrofit
Fast Exchange of PLC, I/O, operator panel, servodrive or frequency drive. We carry on this retrofit in cases, we cannot repair HW or SW due to a lack of spare parts or the customer doesn´t have SW back up. Thanks to our stock of spare parts and the ability of our programmers we can solve that matter within a few days or hours.

Sample ServisControl Retrofits:

1 | Upgrading and increasing the capacity of washing line NOVATEC (removing old switchgear and electric components and complete installing of new one)
2 | Retrofit of machine for turning collectors
3 | Exchange and supply of complete manipulator
4 | The exchange of electric components, switchboard, pneumatic components and wiring on the production line for locks