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ServisControl s.r.o.
Ovčáry 299
280 02 Ovčáry

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Our technicians are always ready for you to come and help with fixing the problem on your machine or technology if equipped components listed below.

Service HOT-LINE: +420 607 116 950 operates 24 hours a day for our contractual customers but if  necessary and possible, we are able to solve the problem within hours on weekends and holidays  without any contract. If our engineer is called to solve the problem and it is necessary to repair or  change the defected part, we can confide in our stock in Kolín and use some replacement or our  repair center and repair this part.
Service is performed in 90% within 24 hours after announcement.  We stock the most widely used  products of Allen Bradley, Pro-face, Siemens and Delta in the field of lowvoltage, control systems,  operator panels, drives and power supplies that we use only for projects or retrofits but also for  quick repairs and emergency cases. Our stock is still expanding based on customers requirements to  ensure service as soon as possible.

We own the necessary hardware and software equipment For following manufacturers for diagnostics and service. Thanks to this we can solve the problem of HW and SW for our customers in the reaction time up to 24 hours!


We are an Authorized Distributor of Pro-face for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. We provide full sales and technical support, repairs, training, customer service and a 12-month warranty on products supplied.
ALLEN-BRADLEY We are a system integrator Allen Bradley components. These products are primarily used in our projects because after 15 years of practise, we can take full advantage of their opportunities. We offer a complete service including training and software and hardware modifications. Standard parts are on stock with 24-hour access to emergency services.
They also meet very often the requirements for recovery of new frequency converters, soft starters and servo drives Allen Bradley. We complete hardware and software equipment for this activity and we have a wealth of experience. We are experienced by standard applications but also by a special elevator applications.
We are the official distributor of Opto22 for the the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We provide technical support, customer service and sales support and we are also system integrator using these components to our projects. We offer 2-10-year warranty for all products.

ServisControl Company Ltd. Use programming SW and diagnostics for Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron and Delta, we also offer limited technical support for Osai, SEW eurodrive, Rexroth and Lenze (PLC or frequency drives).
We provide SW a HW modifications and we repair all components. If the part is beyond repair or correction is not profitable, we can offer a new or refurbished part with 12 month warranty. Our competitive advantage is that we can repair or deliver a spare part, we can install this part, set up and revitalize in the operation of our customer.
We represent Osai company in the The Czech Republic and Slovakia and we offer sales and technical support and repairs.