ServisControl Company Ltd. offers standard and special HW and SW trainings of customer´s installed base. The aim of our courses is to teach and practise with maintenance staff and  programmers activities and knowledges which should be known to remowe basic faults,  recognize serious defects, download and upload SW e.t.c. We offer complete training for  industrial automation from basic to specialized range.
Our company is focused on offering customized training and presentations at Allen Bradley, Pro -face, Delta, Opto22 and Siemens. However, we are able to provide also  Mitsubishi PLC training.

The trainings in our company lead people who have extensive experience with the issue of industrial automation and know perfectly specific systems thanks to daily service activities.

Customer Training

  • Dates according agreement to customer
  • The range according to customer´s needs and requirements
  • If necessary, it can be made at the customer´s location, but we prefer topic training center in Kolín due to a quality and undisturbed course of the seminar.
  • The framework program individually adjustable
  • For employees of one customer
  • Thanks to this organization, training can fully meet customer requirements and network issues such as motion control , control systems and operator panels or we can train more systems together (Allen Bradley, Siemens, Pro –face… )


 Course specificationProductLevel 1Level 2
1SLC500, MicroLogix 1000, 1100, 1200, 1400, 1500 (SW - RSLogix 500)RA34
2PLC 5 (SW - RS Logix 5)RA34
3ControlLogix, CompactLogix 2,3,4, DriveLogix (SW- RS Logix 5000)RA34
4PanelView standard (SW - Panel Builder 32)RA12
5Frequency drives and softstarters (SW - Drive Tools SP)RA22
6Motion Controlers (Kinetix 2000, 6000, 7000, system 1394)RA34
7IMC S Class Basic a Compact (SW - GML a GML Commander)RA34
8Networks (SW - RS Network for DeviceNet, ControlNet, EtherNet)RA22
9PanelView Plus (SW - FT View for ME)RA12
10Vizualization (SW - RS View 32)RA12
11Motion Controlters (Ultra 5000 SW - UltraWare)RA34
12Control systems Delta DVP (SW - WPL a ISP)DELTA23
13Frequency drives Delta VFD (SW - VFD)DELTA23
14Motion Controlers a servodrives Delta ASDA (SW - ASDA)DELTA23
15Operator panels Pro-face (SW - GP ProEx)PRO-FACE12
16Operator panels Pro-face and data downloading (SW – ProServer)PRO-FACE12
17SNAP PAC System (SW - PAC Control)OPTO2234
18SNAP PAC System (SW - PAC Display)OPTO2212
19Siemens S7-300 (SW -STEP7)SIEMENS34
20Siemens S7-200 (SW-STEP7-MICRO/WIN )SIEMENS23
21Data downloading and analyzationSC22
22OSAI - basic maintenance trainingOSAI23


Presentation Training

  • We offer one-day presentation training for products we distribute. This training is free of charge

Training center

ServisControl Training center was specifically built to meet all requirements of the modern workplace, where we will be able not only to present and teach systems we offer and support, but also simulate processes common in a real operation.
The room is designed for 1-8 participants, it has 4 independent workplaces and all around there are located demopanels with systems we can train with.

General training rules

  • The training price is calculated according the range of training, number of participants and location (customer, ServisControl). This price comprises preparation, documentation, stationery and possible trainer´s transport and accomodation costs including demopanels manipulation fee.
  • The first day training starts always at 9 AM and finishes at 4.30 PM. Other days are from 8 AM-4.30 PM. The last day of training is from 8 AM-2 PM.
  • Optimal number of participants is 4 people. We can train 1-8 people.
  • Dokumentation: Each course participant will receive complete training needs, printed instructional and technical documentation and other professional materials in the electronic form.
  • Certificate: Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.
  • The refreshment and lunch is included in a training price. Accomodation is excluded in training price but ServisControl can arrange it in contractual hotels in Kolín.


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