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ServisControl s.r.o.
Ovčáry 299
280 02 Ovčáry

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We call the projects the service for new applications and technologies or building machines. It is any new assignment from customer whether it is SW creating or modification, manufacture, installation and recovery of new machine or equipment, production monitoring and data collection or extension of existing technology for new HW and SW components.

Data Collection and Monitoring
By Monitoring and connecting the machinery and equipment by network, you can monitor your production line and operators. You will get an overview of the workload, idle time, productivity and failures of machines and lines. You will receive information about products, work and reliability operators. ServisControl Ltd. offers to deliver a complete visualization of production with remote access and monitoring and control via your mobile device supporting operating system iOS or Android. We deliver it as custom-made and if necessary without stopping production.

Application SW Creation and Modification
In some cases it is not necessary to repair or change HW equipment- it is enough to modify or to create a new software.

HW Installation and Recovery
Typical project is transport, installation, setting up and recovery of frequency drive, servodrive, servomotor or motor to existing installed base.

Technology Improving
Installation of new HW and SW components. Our customers demand to improve productivity, quality, safety and communication ability of their machines and production lines. ServisControl Ltd. can do this by installation safety components, additional HW, mechanical parts (manipulators, conveyors and other dynamic devices) and related application SW.

Sample ServisControl Projects:

1 | Data collection and vizualization for biomasa powerplant (40 MW)
2 | Production and installation of the mounting device for pressing the balls into the rotor shaft  (MZZK-1)
3 | Installation and recovery of 300 kW Invertor  which controlls the mixing unit
4 | Complete SW modification for solar powerplant
5 | Supply and installation of the control system for controlling sedimentation separator sludge