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ServisControl s.r.o.
Ovčáry 299
280 02 Ovčáry

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ServisControl offers you Siemens´ standard parts for attractive prices. There are mostly parts for control system Simatic S5 and S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200 and 1500. We offer also parts for all types of PLCs  and frequency drives. We keep most using parts in stock and we can deliver them immediately. We insure the service and SW update for these products.

S7-300 is the most selling PLC SIMATIC assigned for solving various automatization tasks of intermediate extension. SIMATIC S7 provides universal automatization platform for system solutions for production technology. This platform is the optimal solution, not only for centralised but also for distributed controling. Pernament improving of parameters makes this automatization platform widely requested.
S7-300 allows space saving modular form of control systems for a various type of tasks, while it does not matter  the order of single modules. During operation there is no need of any fan. Besides the modules there is a need of DIN slat, in which the modules are placed and fit by screws. This order is considered as enough hardy and filling requirements of electromagnetic compatibility. Linking bus is integrated to single modules. The connection is made through a bus connector which is consisted in a delivery pack of each module. A variety of spectrum components S7-300 is possible to use not only for expansion centralised systems but also for a simple configuration of distributed structures with ET 200M; it results to budget- priced and simple control of spare parts.

Powerful, flexible and network connection

Interfaces, which are integrated directly at CPU, allow configuration of powerful communication structures thanks to using standard bus technologies, eg. For HMI component connection and programming devices.
It is possible to connect more HMI devices. Programming devices are possible to connect to each point of network and address all network junctions.

MPI (Multi-point interface)

MPI is a cost saving solution for communication with programming devices and PC, operator panels and further control systems SIMATIC S7/C7/WinAC. It is possible to connect 125 MPI stations in connecting speed 187,5 kbit/s in total, e.g. to change process datas among various control systems or HMI components without necessity of programming. It is possible MPI interface for CPU 317 and 318-2DP to configurate also as PROFIBUS DP interface and to create 2 DP networks.


For optimal configuration of more extensive distributed networks, it is possible to connect SIMATIC S7-300 to PROFIBUS DP (EN 50170). Herewith are open communication possibilities also for further partners- starting by PLCs SIMATIC to field instrumentation from different producers.