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OptoEMU sensor ( the unit for monitoring energy)

It monitors energy use within the auxiliary gauges, electrical panels, subpanels and equipment in real-time. Viewing details of energy use via your selected software service in real-time and in the past. Communication via standard 10/100 Mbps Ethernet or via WLAN ( 802.11a, b, or g ) or via both networks at once.

OptoEMU sensor unit for monitoring the energy uses your existing wired or wireless Ethernet network for monitoring electrical energy consumed in your building and then for sending such information to online software applications. OptoEMU sensor provides you detail real data which you need for analyses of energy consumption and cost savings at the energy.

Why to monitor energy?
A good manager approves big expenses only in the case if he knows exactly where the money goes. Commercial and industrial companies increasingly find out tat they can significantly reduce their energy costs by managing energy in the same manner as other expenses such as people, stock and property. Energy management is a significant opportunity how to improve the bottom line. Saving energy costs does not require either complex or expensive technology, it requires basic information. This information means to collect detailed real data via OptoEMU sensor.

Viewing energy data
Real and historical energy data gathered through OptoEMU sensor can be viewed online using secure software services such as Google or PowerMeter Pulse Energy. You can choose the service that is the best for your business. OptoEMU sensor sends energy data directly to your chosen service and you can view data from any automated computer or mobile phone, depending on the service implementation.

Connections to electrical equipments
OptoEMU sensor may be connected into plenty of measuring devices that emit pulses. It can be also connected directly to the electrical circuits using current transformers (CT) with 0.333 on
the secondary winding. The sensor can monitor the energy facilities in both ways simultaneously.

Pulse - Sensor can monitor up to four electrical devices that emit the pulse output, such as an auxiliary gauge or secondary electrometer.