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ServisControl s.r.o.
Ovčáry 299
280 02 Ovčáry

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The price according our price list:

In case the product is on the ServisControl price list of repairs, we can provide the price quotation without having this product in repair center physically and the customer can choose between two types of repairs.

The standard repair price:  
This price can be changed just only in exceptional cases, if we find out during repair process the extent of damage is different/ higher than we expected. The customer is informed about these details and we continue in repair, after the customer accepts and confirms new repair conditions.

Price for repair by replacement by refurbished or new part:
This price can be changed only in case, the customer doesn´t inform us correctly about the extent of damage and we find out the product is unrepairable. In this case we can invoice extra repair costs.

The price acording input analysis:  

This is a standard way how to repair the goods in our repair center. The customer sends the item to our address and we make input analysis to find out the damage. After that, at the latest in 2 weeks after receiving goods if requested repair is not urgent, we send price quotation. Repair price range is 25-40% of a new part.
If the cost of repair exceeds 40% of the new part and the customer refuses the repair, we will send the part back at our costs. If the cost of repairs does not exceed 40% of the price of a new part and the customer even that refuses the repair, we may charge him by the costs of the analysis. The analysis includes input control and fault diagnosis.
In rare cases during repair process, we can find out the product is unrepairable or the extent of the defect is completely different with the initial examination and it is necessary to change price of the repair. This issue is always discussed with the customer and only after his approval we go on with repair.