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ServisControl s.r.o.
Ovčáry 299
280 02 Ovčáry

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Production department is engaged in designing and manufacturing of specialized single-standing machines, conveyors and manipulators. This is a turnkey equipment supplied according to customer requirements with all warranty service.
The production center is located at our company and has its own machine equipment including specialized 3D printer, which enables us to produce most mechanical parts ourselves and saving time and money. 

ServisControl company develops and supplies machines across the spectrum of industrial production (automotive, pharmaceutical, food, mechanical engineering etc ...)

„Smart Simple“ machines:

  • Unique Devices that nobody serially manufactured
  • Unique Solutions that are proven by practice including the know-how of ServisControl
  • Unique Devices made-to-measure to customer- features, dimensions, control
  • Production in Kolín at the company site
  • Most of parts are manufactured at our own machinery equipment including 3D printer
  • Design Is based on aluminum profiles and a minimum of components is outsourced
  • High Flexibility and favorable price of machines from ServisControl


Machines manufactured by ServisControl:

A machine for pressing the balls into shaft - machine press the ball including application the exact amount of fat, inserting washers and automatic creation.

Seat tester - tester of mechanical forces necessary for adjusting car seats, seat heating and the presence of airbags.

Machine for the production of spirals - machine winds up the soft winding for the capillary tube necessary for proper function of the equipment in which the capillary is used and a large winding to facilitate material handling in further production.

Cutting machine - device which measures, shorten, extend the edges and pushes the isolation to laparoscopic needle.

Machine for glue hardening curing by UV radiation, while at the same time 40 glue tubes rotate around its axis.


ServisControl offers comprehensive solutions of conveyor systems in the whole area of industrial automation. Our goal is to design a conveyor according to your wishes with regard to their specific requirements. Conveyor systems can be modular, chain, belt, roller and plate with various loads up to hundreds of Kgs. Their combination is possible. We deliver conveyor systems including control systems and drives if necessary. Delivery may include a manual assembly workplace and single purpose equipment needed in transport route. At the delivered equipment we provide customer service and all warranty.