Robotics has become synonymous with progress and a new approach to automation and ‘smartisation’ of production and goes hand in hand with the innovative Industry 4.0 programme. Our company understands this trend and offers the integration of robots into existing technology or new robotic workstations in accordance with customer requirements and needs. Our goal is to ensure more efficient and optimised production, financial and time savings and, last but not least, to ensure production even in times of crisis – shortage and surplus of labour.

Despite certain limits caused by the coronavirus crisis, it is clear that robotics is important and its potential is not negligible in times of crisis – a robot does not go to quarantine, does not get sick, and maintains production if required.


We use robots from various manufacturers and integrate them into existing technology or create new robotic workstations. As for industrial robots, we work mainly with Fanuc, Mitsubishi and Dobot robots. The choice of robot depends on the application and the requirements placed on it.

When choosing collaborative robots, ServisControl focuses on Dobots CR6-5 whereby our centre also provides service and repairs for the entire EU. The customer is sure that we not only sell Dobots but we also provide comprehensive support.




FANUC robots offer the widest range of robots in the world thanks to more than 100 models. FANUC machines cover a wide range of applications and industries. Thanks to a payload of up to 2.3 t, a maximum reach of up to 4.7 m, easy integration and a range of accessories tailored to specific applications, they are characterised by easy operation and excellent flexibility.

The RV-FR series by Mitsubishi offers a highly dynamic 6-axis robot with articulated arms for higher quality.
‘Intelligent functions of the next generation’, ‘Applications with securely cooperating robots’ and ‘FA-IT-integration functions’. With these 3 key functions, the FR series is able to meet almost all automation requirements.

The RV-F series represents the latest generation of MELFA robots. It is characterised by advanced technology and particularly simple operation. The series includes RV-F-Q types for the iQ platform as well as RV-F-D for stand-alone use.



DOBOT CR6-5, aimed at small and medium-size business owners, educators and anyone who needs an intuitive and handy robot. It is a new generation of self-learning and intelligent six-axis robot that effectively helps speed up the process of industrial automation. The DOBOT CR6-5 integrates state-of-the-art force sensing technology with trajectory reproduction to meet all types of work needs and increase productivity and business growth in a wide range of industries.



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