ServisControl deals with the design, production, assembly and activation of conveyors and turnkey conveyor systems according to the required logic and takt. We supply conveyors with any number of turns at any angle, with product transfers or rotation on the belt if it needs to be rotated during movement (e.g., for easier handling or to be able to scan the required part with a camera/code reader). If necessary, we choose the route at any height, which we reach with the help of inclined conveyors or lifts. Apart from drive units and rollers, we manufacture everything ourselves; in some cases, we buy conveyor segments from manufacturers, depending on customer requirements. All conveyors that we manufacture meet the necessary safety standards; we supply them including the relevant documentation and with CE certification.



  • Modular, belt, roller and chain conveyors
  • Transport conveyors for solid material for various industries
  • Conveyors for transporting goods with increased hygiene requirements
  • Accumulation conveyors guaranteeing product transport without the possibility of mutual contact
  • Belt speed can be up to 60 m/min regardless of the width and weight of the transported material
  • Conveyors can be solved in a decentralised manner without the need to use a PLC
  • All steel parts are either galvanically plated or treated with epoxy spray RAL9005, black. Conveyors are antistatic
  • All work, including programming, assembly and creation of a 3D model, takes place at ServisControl
  • Turnkey conveyor deliveries




  • The structure makes it possible to produce a conveyor for transporting any bulky and heavy material.
  • The design makes it possible to produce a conveyor in a short time and at advantageous prices.
  • Structure and durable surface for any industry.
  • Arbitrary and variable belt speed up to 60 metres per minute.
  • Durable belt and easy replacement of belts, links or rollers in case of mechanical damage.
  • The modular design allows the construction and delivery of conveyors according to customer needs with turns, with product rotation, transfers, lifts and other processes, including camera imaging or sorting.




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