• We can collect the part from the customer the second day after reporting and we will accept it for repair.
  • The customer will receive an offer for repair between two days to two weeks. It contains information on the part’s repairability, repair price and repair date. These dates depend on the number of pending parts, finding out the availability of spare parts and the defect itself.
  • Once the customer confirms the offer, we will make a repair with information about the repair length, the warranty validity and the testing method.
  • The repair length can vary significantly from part to part. It depends on the part being repaired, the scope of the damage, spare parts availability, the number of repairs on receipt, etc.
  • We will include information related to the repair in the repair report.
  • Once the part is repaired, the part is sent to the customer and the repair is invoiced, unless payment is set or agreed in advance.



  • We repair all servo motors and servo drives regardless of the manufacturer.
  • We provide a 6-month warranty with repairs; the repair length may vary depending on spare parts availability or the complexity of the repair in the range of several hours to 6 weeks.
  • Repaired motors are 100% tested and refurbished according to component wear.
  • Repairs affect the winding, brake and encoder.




  • The most common failure on operator touch panels is a puncture, dent or other damage to the touch layer.
  • Thanks to special technology, we repair these faults under advantageous financial conditions in comparison with new panels.
  • We keep spare parts for Allen-Bradley, Pro-face and Siemens OP in stock.
  • We are able to send an offer to replace a damaged touch layer according to the type of damaged panel and photos of the damage without the need to physically see the panel.
  • We guarantee 100% functionality and a standard 12-month warranty.
  • We repair panels from renowned brands like Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi, Omron, Pro-face, or any other manufacturer.
  • Repairing panels for which we do not have spare parts can take several weeks. In this case, we will price the repair and send the customer information about the price and date, the panel can only be sent on the day of spare parts availability.



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