ServisControl s.r.o. offers comprehensive support in the industrial automation field. We are aware of the high demands placed on today’s management of production and quality processes in order to achieve the highest possible production efficiency while maintaining the highest quality standards. A major competitive advantage in achieving these goals is monitoring production and the collection of the necessary data for the subsequent process evaluation and optimisation.

By monitoring and networking machines and equipment, you can monitor your operation and production. You get an overview of load, downtime, productivity and failures of machines and lines. You receive information regarding products, work and operator reliability. ServisControl can supply a complete visualisation of production with the possibility of remote access and monitoring, and control via your mobile device supporting the iOS or Android operating system. We deliver everything on a turnkey basis and often without the need to stop production.

We offer three basic monitoring and data collection systems and their combinations depending on customer needs.

Our company offers several ways to address such a demand:



Pro-face operator panel + Pro-Server EX data collection software

The Pro-face touch panel is connected directly to the controller via an integrated communication controller, allowing you to take full advantage of the Pro-face operator panel platform (Fig. 1):

  • access to the connected PLC
  • possibility to connect more controllers
  • input of additional data by operators and maintenance staff from the touch panel
  • displaying additional information, tables or charts related to the machine or production
  • connection of hardware digital and analogue I/O signals
  • connection of peripherals via RS-232/485, 422, USB, Ethernet
  • webserver, FTP server
  • using the GP-Viewer Ex software, screens can be displayed remotely and the panel can be controlled from a PC
  • you can connect to the panel remotely from a mobile phone or tablet using the Pro-face Remote HMI application


Pro-Server EX is a software tool whereby data can be collected from connected Pro-face HMI panels or from control systems connected to these panels, then stored and distributed. (SMS, Mail, ODBC, SQL, DDE-Excel, OPC, DLL, API and more).



Application with Groov EPIC by Opto 22         



Signals from machines to be collected are connected via IO cards or via UPC UA to the GROOV EPIC system, these data can then be:

  • processed using Codesys or PAC Control 
  • processed by other systems using DLL and API
  • stored directly in files, databases or cloud storage via Node-Red
  • displayed using GroovView in any web browser

All of the above is part of the Groov-Epic system.

Groov EPIC is a system for collecting, processing, viewing and exchanging data where they are created on a network interface. It provides secure data sharing between databases, cloud services, Allen-Bradley and Siemens PLC systems, and other devices. Data visualisation takes place on the integrated touch screen or on any web browser or mobile device.

PAC programming is performed using a graphical diagram and data provision using the open-source Node-RED protocol. Optionally, it is possible to run your own applications thanks to access to the Linux operating system.

It is an industrial system used from factories to remote locations operating in environments with temperatures of +20 to +70°C, with semi-conductor drives or those that meet UL and ATEX standards.

Controller (The control unit provides reliable real-time control and I/O modules with a ten-year warranty and a solid basis for all other functions. Intelligent I/O by Groov offers up to 24 channels per module, optical isolators and hot swapping.







The PC runs an application created in Visual Basic which collects data from connected machines or signals via I/O modules or OPC Server. Data can be stored in files, spreadsheets or SQL databases (SQL Express, MySQL, Oracle, etc.). Data is also displayed on the screen, including the possibility of text, table and graphic exports.

The application can be linked to the company database, attendance system, production planning, maintenance planning, etc.

Alternatively, the created application can complement the previous two methods of data collection and monitoring.




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