For us, such a project especially means software services for new applications, machines or technologies or extensions with hardware elements to improve the machine’s function. It is any new assignment, whether it is the creation or repair of software, additional hardware and its activation, or extending existing technology with new hardware and software elements. A project also means new machinery which is described in the PRODUCTION folder.


Creation or rewriting application software
In some cases it is not necessary to intervene in the hardware equipment or technology, but it is enough to modify or write new software. We mainly perform such projects with software repairs (unprofessional handling, damage by external effects, poorly written application).

Hardware installation and activation
A typical example of such a project is the delivery and installation of frequency converters and motors, including their transport, installation in a space or switchboard, setting and adjustment and activation.

Extension of technology with new hardware and software elements
Our customers often demand that their equipment, lines and machines are able to increase productivity, quality and communication and keep up with the times in terms of safety, know-how and performance. This is exactly what we can ensure by installing safety elements, mechanical parts (manipulators, conveyors and other dynamic devices) and related application software. Such a machine mostly requires CE certification.

Recertification of equipment and switchboards
ServisControl often encounter customer requirements for modifying equipment imported from countries outside the EU that are ineligible for operation in our country. These are mainly devices from the USA, the Americas in general or Asia. Customers cannot officially operate them due to a lack of declaration of conformity. They cannot obtain this declaration because the equipment does not meet EU safety and operational standards. In this case, equipment will be brought to us and we will arrange its adjustment – the controls are led to a new switchboard with CE certification, the machine is equipped with a total stop and safety elements (locks, light curtains, etc.) and the moving parts are securely covered. We can also hand over the machinery with a TÜV certification. 

Switchboards are re-wired and equipped and installed according to relevant standards, including new electrical documentation, if necessary.



ServisControl projects

1 | Data collection and visualisation for biofuel power plants (40 MW).
2 | Production of assembly equipment for pressing balls into the rotor shaft (MZZK-1).
3 | Installation and activation of a frequency converter controlling a mixing unit drive with an output of 300 kW.
4 | Rewriting the complete application software of a solar power plant.
5 | Production of switchboard, two-axis manipulator, safety elements and application software of a washing line.
6 | Delivery and installation of a control system for controlling a sedimentation sludge separator, etc.
7 | Projects based on multi-axis motion applications.


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