Retrofitting is the modernisation of a machine, line or equipment from an electrical viewpoint. The reasons for such modernisation are mainly operational. Spare parts are no longer fully supported by the manufacturer, they become inaccessible and expensive compared to the current replacement, and older systems are no longer powerful and do not offer the same options as new ones (especially in speed, connectivity, data collection and communication). Comprehensive retrofitting means replacing the old switchboard with a new one, including all electrical equipment (PLC, I/O, contactors, power supplies, etc.). Retrofitting can also be associated with replacing cables, frequency converters, drives, servo motors or modification of cable routes.

ServisControl also offers basic (PLC and I/O replacement) or urgent retrofitting (quick upgrade according to time possibilities).


Basic retrofitting
Replacing components in the existing switchboard – it is usually a control system or frequency converter, servo drive or operator panel. This option is chosen mainly for cost-saving reasons, both financial and time, and is suitable if other parts of the equipment or technology are not obsolete or are fully substitutable and replaceable in the future.

Comprehensive retrofitting
This type of retrofitting can include delivery and replacing the entire switchboard, replacing cables, sensors, actuators, but possibly also mechanical components.

Emergency retrofitting
Quick replacements of the control system, operator panel or servo drive or frequency converter. It is performed in cases where it is not possible to repair hardware or software because spare parts are not available or the customer loses application software on the line and the backup is unavailable. Thanks to our spare parts warehouse, such retrofitting can last several hours, days or weeks, depending on the scope of the equipment.


Selected ServisControl retrofits:

1 | modernisation and increased NOVATEC line work capacity
2 | collector turning machine retrofitting
3 | replacement and subsequent delivery of a complete manipulator
4 | replacement of electrical equipment, switchboard, pneumatics and cables on the lock production machine
5 | replacement of the washing line switchboard, etc.


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