The aim of the training is to acquaint the maintenance staff of individual lines with hardware and software which is located on their installed base. 

Our company provides special customer training for products that we distribute for Pro-face and Opto 22 as well as products and software by Rockwell Automation and Siemens. Training is led by people who have extensive experience in the industrial automation field and know specific systems perfectly.

ServisControl currently provides two types of training:

  1. Online training

Online training offers the customer adequate training from the safety of its office without the need to share one room with the trainer and other participants. All you need is a computer or laptop with a camera, microphone and Internet connection. Training takes place online via CISCO Webex and RDP remote desktop connection.

  1. Standard training

We also offer training in a standard form based on physical presence in the training room. In addition to the price, there is a difference in the need to travel to ServisControl, provide accommodation for participants and their representation during the training.

Customer training

  • Date by agreement.
  • Scope according to customer needs and requirements.
  • Possibility to choose online training, training in the training room in ServisControl or training at the customer’s; but in terms of quality, logistics, safety and undisturbed teaching, we prefer the online version or our modern classroom in Kolín.
  • Framework programme individually customisable.
  • Only for employees of one customer.
  • Thanks to this training organisation, it is possible to meet customer requirements fully and connect, for example, issues with concern to motion control, control systems and operator panels or training multiple systems (Allen Bradley, Siemens, Pro-face).
  • All information about the training and conditions can be found in the training offer.



Customer training courses


Seminars and webinars:

At these public and free presentations, the customer obtains information with regard to innovations in the industrial automation world and their implementation in a real environment, including the use that brings the customer the desired effect in the form of financial and time savings.

  1. Webinars

They are used for online presentation for products and services that are related to our distribution activities and are free. These webinars cover products by Pro-face and Opto 22 and are announced irregularly. Customers are informed about the date and content in advance by email. Customers do not have to move to ServisControl’s headquarters, all they need is a PC or laptop, Internet connection, camera and microphone. The webinar takes place online via CISCO Webex.

  1. Seminars

They are used for presentation of products and services that are related to our distribution activities and are free. These seminars cover products by Pro-face and Opto 22 and are usually held once or twice a year at ServisControl. Customers are informed about the content and date by email or in person, and confirmation of participation is required to provide aids and refreshments.


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