If your technology requires a guaranteed technician response time, we offer a contractual service that guarantees the technician’s involvement within 24 hours of the fault being reported. If a technician is available, they can go to the customer immediately. The emergency service is charged an annual lump sum and offers a guarantee of service visit at the specified time, reduced hourly rates and contractual coverage of the relationship with the customer. ServisControl technicians hold a 24/7 service on the emergency service line +420 607 116 950 and are ready to help contractual customers with a reported problem at any time.

The offer may also include a remote connection to the customer’s installed base using a module using LTE or Internet connection, or both options. This way we can diagnose and solve problems on an installed base immediately without wasting time on the way to the customer. If the customer does not want or cannot provide a remote connection to the industrial network, we are able to diagnose or remotely solve problems using the available mobile applications and software.


If the customer wants to be sure of the availability of critical spare parts, we offer a flat-rate service for the Spare Parts Warehouse, which we select and set-up for the customer.


FAn annual lump sum is charged for the establishment and storage of parts, varying according to the type of warehouse. The main advantages of this warehouse are lower acquisition costs, warranty of parts for the agreement’s duration and, of course, availability, not only with regard to the elimination of the defect itself, but also for its diagnostics.



•  Establishment of a spare parts warehouse in ServisControl s.r.o.
This type of warehouse can be part of a guaranteed service agreement or can operate independently. The advantage of this type is lower annual fees for storage of parts and the fact that you do not have to have suitable storage space. This agreement is usually concluded for an indefinite period. When combining the emergency service agreement and the spare parts warehouse, you can be sure that the technician will also arrive with the parts specified in the agreement.

•  Establishment of a spare parts warehouse at the customer’s
This type of warehouse can be part of a guaranteed service agreement or can operate independently. The condition for setting up a spare parts warehouse at the customer’s place is the need to have trained technicians who are able to diagnose the defect and replace the defective part. Another necessity is suitable storage spaces. The advantage of this type of warehouse is the ability to use the part immediately. This agreement is concluded for a minimum 5 year’ period. After the agreement’s expiry, you can buy the parts for the residual value or continue the agreement at a discounted price.



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